Warmly Congratulate Intelligent Education Cloud Platform won 'Annual National Cloud Computing Outstanding Representative Award 2017'

Recently,  Under the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology directly released Annual National Cloud Computing Outstanding Representative Award 2017. During these Award function, Company operational and promotional of the Linyi Intelligent Education Cloud platform won the 2017 Annual Cloud Computing Outstanding Representative Award.

Organized by the Ministry of Industry and the 2018 annual cloud computing outstanding representative event collection, designed to actively respond to the national cloud computing development strategy, the implementation of the State Council on the promotion of cloud computing innovation and development of information industry to develop new ideas and Cloud computing development three-year action plan (2017 - 2019), scientific and pragmatic to promote the integration of cloud services innovation and development, and further enhance China's cloud computing development and application level.

At present, cloud computing has become an important support for enhancing the level of information development and building new functions of digital economy. Linyi City Intelligent education cloud platform won Annual cloud computing Outstanding Award, the government and the community on the company's cloud computing innovation application ability highly affirmed that the company in the cloud on demand supply, resource sharing, reduce costs, help nurture new Model has reached a new level.

Based on cloud computing and Big data technology, Linyi Intelligent Education Cloud Platform provides resource application and integration service for all kinds of terminals based on PC, smartphone and other groups for teachers, students and parents through easy-to-implement cloud computing infrastructure platform . So that users can on-demand, flexible access to the network and storage resources, and improve the quality of teaching and management, to enhance the level of education information, and to promote the balanced development of quality education.

Linyi City Intelligent education cloud platform in promoting industrial upgrading, business model innovation, economic and social benefits to enhance the effectiveness of the obvious. In the future, the company will give full role to the exemplary role of Outstanding event, to further promote the advanced cloud computing philosophy, technology and business model, in the cloud computing applications to achieve greater success!