Mr. Zhao Lixin visited the park

Zhao Lixin, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Lingang Economic Development Zone and director of the management committee, visited the park.

On August 13, more than 30 people from the Party Working Committee of the Linang Economic Development Zone and the director of the Administrative Committee Mr. Zhao Lixin visited the China International Sino-India Science and Technology Innovation Park. Mr. Chen Yibing, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone accompanied.

Mr. Zhao Lixin and his entourage visited the R&D Center, Shandong Education Information Application Ability Training Room, Shandong Smart Education Maker Activity Center, etc., and listened carefully to the company\\\'s main business Linyi City Intelligent Education cloud platform and Doctoral Harmony academic evaluation detailed report and had a friendly exchanges with the company\\\'s Indian experts.

At the Maker Center, Zhao Lixin and his entourage visited the 28 workshops in the comprehensive practice area with great interest. Through the actual observation of 3D printer operation demonstration and interaction with intelligent Robots, they felt the connotation of Maker education. The practice of attaching great importance to the construction of Maker education is highly recognized. In the high-tech experience zone, Zhao Lixin and his entourage watched the artificial intelligence robot products such as robot fish and dancing robots, and personally experienced many advanced interactive devices such as VR underwater world, VR bicycles and Somatosensory games, and felt the work of cutting-edge scientific research products. The changes brought about by life.

Company continues to improve the Intelligent Education Cloud Platform in the field of smart education, actively constructs an academic evaluation system with artificial intelligence and big data technology as its core, continuously innovates business models, and actively builds Sino-India Science and technology Innovation Base and Wisdom Education Industry cluster Zone. The achievements have been highly recognized by the Secretary of Zhao Lixin and his party.