Director of the Social Council of Linyi Mr. Xin Jun met with Dr.Oleksandr Koval

On 8th November, Party Secretary and Director of the Social Council of Linyi Mr. Xin Jun had meeting with Dr. Oleksandr Koval, who represents the company Linyi Top Network Co., LTD.

Meeting attended by Member of Social Council, Director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs Mr. Kang Tszitin; and Member of Working Committee of Party and Minister of Organizing Economic and Technological Development Zone Mr. Lee Venchzhan from Linyi City. Director made a retrospective economic and social development of Linyi city in recent years, focusing on policy implementation and highly qualified experts welcomed the work with Dr.Oleksandr Koval. Director also noted that the city always has great importance to the intensified introduction of the professional. City government has put forward the development strategy of introduction of the professionals and Social Council held an event "Hundreds of foreign experts in China", in which 188 foreign experts from 23 different countries participated. Already, there are preliminary agreements on cooperation with 56 experts, according to preliminary data, 91 Experts are interested in long-term cooperation with the leading companies of the Linyi city. At the events were presented some highly skilled Hardware and Software from Ukraine and India to participate in the development of the industry in the zone of Economic and Technological development of the city. Dr.Oleksandr Koval using his knowledge to raise the level of development of Linyi Top Network Co., LTD in area of Hardware department. In turn, the Social Council of the town and the Bureau of Foreign Affairs enhancing work on the creation of conditions for the work of highly qualified foreign specialists.