52 foreign experts jointly build Smart Robots in Linyi

52 Foreign Experts Jointly build Smart Robots in Linyi city. Economic and Technological Development Zone of Linyi City signed MoU with the National Technical University of Ukraine, India and ITC. Subsequently, 52 foreign experts arrived in Linyi for detailed negotiations.

During the negotiations, National University of Ukraine in the field of Cloud Computing, a lot of talent inputs areas conducted in-depth cooperation and the establishment of " Intelligent Robot Research Center" based in Linyi and implement relevant cooperation projects.

Deputy General Manager and Vice President Mr. Zhang Jingang had meeting with Dr.Oleksandr Koval from National Technical University of Ukraine to discuss cooperation issues.
"From a technical point of view, the introduction of these experts will enhance the leading companies in the cloud computing core technology competitiveness, expanding market share of Cloud Platforms, in order to promote the development of 'Cloud Computing Technology Center of Linyi'' discussed in the meeting.
After both the sides agreed together to build branch in Ukraine as 'International Technology Transfer Center' and 'Innovation Center' in Linyi. Ukraine and China domestic technology parks, industrial parks, free trade zones, government departments and entities and other organizations, mainly the introduction of talent, international exchanges and cooperation in various types of academic forums for scientific and technical cooperation.
Mr. Zhang JIngang said: 'Going beyond the borders' is the way of international cooperation, with India and Ukraine signed an agreement on strategic cooperation, which will result in the introduction of foreign expert and promote the development of the company, to build bridges of international development and achieve win-win situation.
In addition, as for Business Center in India CEO of SRM Group Mr. Lakshmi Narshimhan and Laxmi Group Executive Chairman Mr. Mishra held talks with Mr. La Kente, where they recommended number of Indian companies in Linyi.