SINO-India Software Industry Park assessed as National AAA-Level Tourist Area

Tourism Committee of Linyi City made a statement and send Official Confirmation for List of Companies in National Tourist AAA- Level to SINO-India Software Industry Park.

SINO-India Software Industry Park covers area of 120 thousand meter square that is 136 acres with the total investment of 560 million Yuan. This Modern Software Park allocates Research Center; Offices like Retail, Financial, Travel, Science and Technology companies and Center of support of Urban services; and more. Tourist Park resources are enormous and deal with variety of projects. There are opportunities to visit the scientific and Educational exhibits and interactive areas, Research and Development Center, Cloud Computing Center and International Technology Exchange Center. The Park operates Scientific-Industrial exhibition of innovative products, located in several rooms.

R & D Center

During the construction of SINO-India Software Industry Park, it involved modern experience of planning and design, used the most High-Tech materials. Park nicely planted and landscaped; Main architectural emphasis on elegant and stylistically striking buildings,International Research and Development Center. Building is in the shape of concentric circle. Its unusual, like transparent structure has five floors.It has city Cloud Platform Computer Center, Exhibition Hall of Scientific and Technical advances, Conference facilities and Public utilities.

International Technology Exchange Center

International Technology Exchange Center constructed in lotus shape surrounded by pond and statues decorated in the Indian style. It has International Conference Center, Restaurant, Tourist center, Shops, leisure and entertainment areas.
SINO-India Software Industry Park contributes creative sight for tourist towards attractiveness of the city, representing a new beautiful place in its territory. Creation of the park is another step towards the creation of an environmental friendly image of Linyi.
Company awards such high evaluation as an opportunity for further development of quality tourism services and to improve service levels.