Congratulations to Indian Expert Dr. Pradeep won 'Taishan Industry Leading Talent-2015' Award

Shandong Government has published a list of Prominent Experts for an Annual Award of "Taishan Industry Leading Talent-2015" . Linyi Top Network Co., Ltd. has represented Indian expert Dr. Pradeep for List of Taishan Talents  in the Industry of social media and new innovative services.

Dr. Pradeep has completed his Ph.D. in Computer science from Magadh University, India and well-known Indian expert in the field of information technology in Linyi Top Network company. He has awarded for "Expert of Shandong Province", "Qilu Friendship Award" and "Yimeng Friendship Award". 

Linyi Top Network Co., Ltd. is one of the leading company in technology of the cloud computing platform that has inspired many other companies and professionals from India to explore the cloud computing and data transmission technologies. It has been established and put into operation the "Education Cloud", "Community Cloud", "Integrity Cloud", "Health Cloud" and other cloud platforms. Education Cloud and Community Cloud has been successfully tested and will act in furtherance of the City.

In recent years, Company actively carried out Innovation-Driven Development Strategy, that has attracted Experts from India, Ukraine, Russia and Czech Republic in the field of Software development, which promoted Innovation in Technology and  Management. 
"Taishan Industry Leading Talents" was launched in 2015 to carry out the provincial talented projects, it affected the field of efficient Ecological Agriculture, New Strategic Industries, Modern Service Industries and Innovative Livelihood Category, Science and Technology Industries, and Other Industries.