Indian Employees celebrated Spring Festival in Linyi City

During Chinese New Year festival, many Indian employees of our company decided to stay back in Linyi to experience the joy and atmosphere of Chinese traditional celebration.

In order to provide home like experience, company organized a trip for employee’s family from India to China during this function celebration. It was a great opportunity for them to celebrate way different auspicious time and celebrate new year with their family, company and friends. 

Ms. Guo Jingfeng taught Indian employees to cook dumplings and Mr. Sun, teacher of Painting and Calligraphy helped everyone to write New Year couplets. Everyone had dumplings in the joy of wonderful atmosphere, lights and music. They also sung songs of their country and in this way everyone had amazing festival celebration.

Indian experts and employees thanked to the company for treating so well and organizing the festival in such a wonderful way, where they could feel the warmth of home.