Director of Science and Technology Institute Mr. Liu Weimin had a meeting with Director of SRM University Mr. M.Subramanian, India

Mr. Liu Weimin, Director of Science and Technology Institute of Linyi City briefed to Director of SRM University Mr.M.Subramanian on economic, social development and technological innovation in Shandong. 

Noting that Shandong province accelerating the shift from one economic province to other economic province for the urgent need of advanced technical support. IT is one of the strategic focus for the development of new industries in Shandong Province; Group has chosen this top cooperate area in linyi  in visionary, promising, and creating a precedent for India Science and Technology Cooperation. As a starting point they are hoping to build "Linyi Top Network Co. Ltd. - Chennai, India SRM Group Joint Research and Development Center (base)" as an opportunity to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in software development and application, and actively expanding the scope of cooperation to create a model of collaboration between China and India as a Information Industry. Director of SRM University Mr. M.Subramanian, and SRM Technologies CEO Mr. M.S. Lakshmi Narsimhan  introduced the Group and its affiliated SRM  Technologies  companies, universities and SRM Career Development Center, business development conditions & advantages and Linyi Top Network Company in Joint Research and Development, development of cooperation and other personnel exchanges and training. Mr. M.Subramanian said that China and India are promising country whereas Shandong people are hardworking and passionate.